Before Hair Transplant:

  • Report one day before the surgery for routine investigations and work up.
  • Supplements and Medications must be stopped one week before the procedure.
  • Wash the head using the antiseptic scrub provided on the night before and also on the morning of the procedure.should take the medications given before the procedure

After Hair Transplant:

  • sleep in a head elevated position for 3 to 4 days (30 degree) using two pillows or a neck pillow.should not sleep with face down as it will cause swelling and can damage the implanted grafts. Slight swelling will be present on the forehead, around eyes after 1st day,which will subside after 3 to 4 days.cold compression using ice in the affected areas will help to reduce the swelling.
  • 1st head wash can be done after 48 hrs.There after headwash should be done once every day using mild shampoo. Some hairs will fall during washing, which is normal. After 7 days you can mildly scrub the transplanted area using fingers to remove the scabs.
  • Donor area: Some patients will experience mild pain in the donor area after 4 to 5 days due to healing.You can apply the topical anaesthetic gel and can take oral analgesics as per requirement .Some patients will experience shock loss in some parts of the donor area but this will recover after 1.5 to 2 months.
  • Head massaging can be done after 12 days using coconut oil .After massaging wash it off with shampoo.Massaging helps in faster recovery .
  • Transplanted hairs will start shedding usually after 30 to 40 days. Patients don't have to worry as this is normal as the follicles will remain inside the scalp.
  • New hairs will start growing after 3 months, which varies from person to person.In the early stages the hair will be thin and browny in colour ,but as time passes by the texture ,thickness and colour will improve.Full results usually take 10 to 12 months to achieve ( proper medications and supplements taken consistently helps in faster results).
  • Supplements and medicines can be taken one week after surgery.You can start using topical minoxidil after 14 days.
    NOTE: (Medicines and supplements will be prescribed according to individual requirements and will vary from person to person.)
  • 1st follow up is usually after three to four weeks