Lisa Hairtransplant Clinic

Hair Transplant Surgery is the highest standard for aesthetic treatment of Male Pattern Baldness and Female Androgentic Alopecia. In addition to scalp natural hair restoration, hair transplants is also widely used for restoring the eyebrows, facial hair – beard and mustache, and hair loss due to trauma or other forms of alopecia( patterns hair loss) We at Lisa, a leading hair transplant clinic in Kerala, offer quality natural hair transplant service to our patients under the medical supervision of our chief hair transplant surgeon Dr. Jenny Mathew.

Why Choose Lisa Hair Transplant for Natural Hair Restoration ?

Known as pioneers in the FUE technique, Lisa Hair transplant centre has been delivering great looking natural results. We thrive to provide the highest quality results at affordable costs with our highly trained and experienced surgeons and technical team. Hair transplant at Lisa Hair transplant centre is done using our unique growth factor PRP, PRF techniques which assures excellent natural looking results. It is a long term customised plan for natural hair restoration for our patients. The hair follicles are extracted by our special technique along with administration of growth factors into the scalp also known as (Bio Therapy). Bio-therapy helps in boosting the natural hair growth process, facilitates faster healing and improves the texture of the hair, giving the most optimal results from the procedure.

We also aim to provide the best quality in every step of your surgical procedure in our ultra-hygienic and well maintained OT's in the following ways :

  • Virtually pain-free local anesthesia.
  • Innovative and customized slit making using CTS ( cut-to-size) blades, causing less trauma or bleeding.
  • Best quality extraction from the safe zone using blunt punches with wastage less than 5%.
  • "First-out-First-in" technique for implantation to get the better yield and natural looking results.
  • Minimum out-of-body time of grafts .
  • Exact number of grafts given by counting.
  • Minimal dehydration or mechanical trauma.
  • Safe protocol with the Medical team.

Why perform hair transplant at LISA ?


  • Patient selection and pre-procedure workup.- we do a detailed evaluation of all patients clinically , tricoscopically ( Hair Scan ) and workup for any underlying reasons for hair-loss. Patients with active hair shedding are given proper treatment to get stabilised before selecting for transplantation.
  • All the required evaluations including ECG is done before the procedure
  • Safe and well equipped theatre facilties- we perform our transplantation in well equipped operation theatres with the best monitoring facilities by expert personnel under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist. This ensures maximum sterility, patient safety and comfort.
  • Post procedure follow up- proper post procedure care and use of the required medications helps in faster and better hair growth. We provide long term care with proper monitoring to ensure the best results
  • Nutritional therapy- All our patients are evaluated by our expert nutritionist in detail and advices are provided regarding dietary and lifestyle changes required. This helps in long term maintenance of the achieved hair growth.
  • Combination with regenerative therapies- we combine transplant with different regenerative therapies which helps in better regrowth and density. This includes Platelet Rich Plasma therapy ( PRP) , Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy (PRF ), Regenera Activa , Nano fat , or a combination of the above depending on the patient requirement.