Male pattern hair loss ( male androgenetic alopecia )
Female pattern hair loss
Scarring alopecia
Beard transplant
Eyebrow transplant
Hair loss after burns or trauma


Hair loss no longer has to be permanent – get your natural hair back, by getting a hair transplant from a reputed medical clinic like Lisa Hair transplant Centre at the hands of talented, experienced & highly qualified surgeons. With advancement, natural hair transplant techniques have evolved. Now, not only the hair can be transplanted on the scalp only, they can be transplanted on different parts of the body..

Advantages of Hair Transplant?

When you decide to opt for a surgical natural hair restoration, it is important to know the key advantages. At Lisa Hair Transplant centre , our motive is that every transplanted hair should grow naturally. The most important thing our Hair Transplant experts have achieved is the level of expertise to provide great aesthetic appearance with a minimum possible number of grafts. This hugely helps in saving the donor area.

Permanent Results

It is the only known permanent solution of baldness. During the natural hair transplant, our transplant expert only transplants the healthy and viable follicles from the safe donor area. You can style, color or cut them as you want.

Minimum Downtime

At Lisa Hair transplant centre , hair transplant procedure is simple and outpatient procedure in a well maintained safe, hospital infrastructure. You can go back to your home at the same day of surgery as the procedure is minimally invasive. Please go through post-operative instructions to know in detail about the recovery period and care.

Natural Results

Hair transplant gives you the natural results as our transplant experts use the next generation methodologies and approach. They artistically transplant hair, complementing the natural hair growth of the patient. This will give you healthy and natural appeal with natural hair.

Safe Procedure

Hair transplant surgery, if performed by an experienced transplant surgeon, is generally a safe procedure. At the same time it is a surgical procedure and has the inherent risks that are associated with any minimally invasive surgeries. Our team of highly experienced surgeons takes care of the patient and procedure at every step so that there is minimal risk of any infection after the hair transplant surgery in well maintained hospital surgical infrastructure.